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Seven iDP Flex Shin Knebeskytter

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Adaptable knee or full shin and knee protection with a hard cap and foam layers for protection.

The Flex Knee shin is perfect for laps in the park or all day riders when maximum protection is needed. Keeping all this protection in one place is a three strap system in a wrap design meaning pads can be removed easily for that mid-session break.

The full coverage offered by the Flex Knee Shin pads means the majority or the lower leg is protected from pedals and hits from debris flying around the trail.

An upper centre strap plus two lower leg straps keep the Flex Knee Shin pads in place and the wrap design means they can be removed easily. An open back and breathable mesh wrap sections keep things cool.

If the levels of protection need adjusting then simply pull off the lower hook and loop strip and enjoy an extended Flex Knee pad.

Our wrap design means you can lift that pads off during a big day out but when you need them in place large hook and loop patches keep the pads from moving when you don’t want them to.
Added protection added to the lower section of the Flex Knee Shin pads will help to take the sting out of pedal hits and flying trail debris.
The lower section of the Flex Knee Shin is removable to dial in the amount of protection needed for any situation. Hook and look patches make removal easy and the section fold small enough to go in your pocket or backpack.
The centre strap system is tensioned from each side rather than one like most MTB pads. This means that pressure is even across your leg and less overall tension is needed when combined with the internal silicone strip.