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  • Specialized Allez Jr. 650

    Specialized Allez Jr. 650 The Allez Jr. is specifically designed for younger riders looking to up their game. With its 650c-specific frame and reliable components, the Allez Jr. gives young riders all the performance they need to tackle the roads ahead.

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  • Specialized Jynx 650 Dame

    Specialized Jynx 650 Dame We've all felt the compulsion to break free from our day-to-day routine, especially when it comes to riding. Sure, laps around town are fun, but compared to the freedom of getting out in the woods or on country roads, life on the pavement starts to...

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  • Specialized Jynx Comp 650 Dame

    Specialized Jynx Comp 650 Dame Over the course of your rides, you've surely felt the call of a trail or two along the way. And as long as you're on an ill-equipped bike for the occasion, this call goes unanswered. That is until now. With the Jynx Comp 650b, you'll find a bike th...

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  • Specialized Pitch 650B

    Specialized Pitch 650B Skriv i kommentarfeltet hvilken farge du ønsker. You've thought about it—probably even got out on the dirt or gravel a few times— and now's the time to pull the trigger on a fully-fledged mountain bike. Well, you're in the right place. The Pitch 65...

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