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Ritte Vlaandern

THE VLAANDEREN: High performance road for the competitive spirit.

We know that saying it’s fast is cliché, but it is. In fact, it’s not just fast, the Vlaanderen is a damn rocket from Hades. It’s asphalt-crushingly stiff and yet paradoxically comfortable to ride. With a raw performance that is tempered by balance, the Vlaanderen is not only fast and agile but also stable and solid.




The Vlaanderen was conceived and designed through research, trial and real-world testing. It's created using a simi-monocoque construction of the highest quality T700 and 24M high and medium modulus carbon from Toray Japan, combined with a proprietary carbon made in-house. Made using precise CNC'd molds to create a consistent and exact outer form, each frame takes dozens of man-hours: from the layup process, to several stages of hand-sanding and painting. But frankly, a bike can have all the best engineering in the world, but what's most important is the way it rides.




The Vlaanderen features a BB30 bottom bracket system and massive chain stays for power transfer, a tapered steer tube for precise handling and an integrated seat mast to convey all those lovely road sensations straight to the rider. The Vlaanderen also features a rare integrated seat mast, which allows micro vibrations to travel uniformly through the frame and greatly increases road feel.  The geometry was developed to be a good all-around competition rig: as comfortable on day-long rides as it is confident in hectic criteriums. Take it down a high-speed descent and you’ll really see where the Vlaanderen is a true stand-out; its slightly longer than typical wheelbase give it confidence-inspiring stability while its rigid front and rear end give you the power to carve the corners.



The Vlaanderen was designed and developed in Los Angeles, home to some of the most challenging climbs, descents and criteriums in the world.  Our aim with the Vlaanderen is to provide an excellent bike at reasonable price to people who want to ride something a little different than the status quo.


  • Clearance for 25c tires with room to spare. 
  • Tapered headtube with 1 1/4” bottom bearing.
  • Integrated seat mast.
  • BB30 bottom bracket.
  • Designed for stability.
  • Four color options: Gloss Gray, Gloss Belgian, Matte Black/White, Matte Belgian Classic.
  • Di2 ready.



  • BB30 bottom bracket
  • 1-1/8" to 1 - 1/4" integrated headset (included)
  •  Front derailleur clamp size: 34.9
  • Max tire size: 25mm at least. Possibly bigger depending on brand and rim width.
  • Topper adjustment range: 1.5cm
  • Drilled for Di2 with battery mounts under the chainstay. 
  • Frame weights from 950g-1200g depending on size and paint option.

Ritte Snob / Snob Disc

Stainless Snob Disc in Midnight Blue

Stainless steel is a unique material. Like titanium, it won’t corrode over time, but where it arguably rises above Ti, is in its more lively, solid ride quality that makes the bike feel glued to the road. That’s why our Snob comes to life on technical, twisty roads, challenging terrain and any time comfort and sheer traction are needed over brute stiffness.


Under hard braking, in can-I-make-it corners, during prolonged furious efforts in tight packs, and in top- end sprints, the frame neither excessively deflects nor holds resolute so much as it yields then strikes like a Tai Chi master. It’s a living ride. It has a heartbeat.
— Bill Strickland, Bicycling Magazine

Snob in Cream

We designed the Snob to be a balance between tradition and contemporary thinking: its compact geometry, oversize tubes, and tapered head tube makes the Snob as fresh and modern as the latest carbon bikes, but with the feel and soul of a master-made steel frame that is comfortable for all-day rides. We use high-strength Oversized 630 Stainless steel, custom hardened in-factory, laser-mitered and TIG welded. The all-stainless frame is mated to an all-carbon 1-1/4” Enve fork and a Chris King IS-8 headset.


Snob in Midnight Blue



The Snob hits a fine mark between contemporary functionality and traditional craftsmanship and materials, a modern-day heirloom bike that will probably last longer than you will.
— CycleEXIF.com

2015 GEOMETRY (Snob and Snob Disc Post Spring 2015):

Ritte Ace

Ace in Satin Black

True Monocoque - Unlike most carbon frames, which are made in three or more separately molded pieces, the Ace is made as one main structure, eliminating hard joints and seams through the main tubes and joints. This allows for a more rigid frame with fewer stress points and better transfer of road feel through the frame.

Positive Molding - The Ace utilizes the most up-to-date molding process with a hard inner mold and bladder system, resulting in higher carbon compaction and more uniform wall density for a light frame and lively ride.

Grounded Geometry - The Ace uses the same well-tested, much-loved geometry from the Vlaanderen for confident, precise handling and stable descending. The design is based on a slightly longer wheelbase with better front/rear balance.

T700/T1000 Carbon Layup - the highest possible grade of carbon that can be practically used on a road frame. The carbon works in unison with our molding technique and monocoque design to provide the best possible frame structure and ride quality.

Interchangeable Di2/Mechanical - Now Di2 and mechanical cabling is cleaner-looking and easier to route with specially designed inserts.

25+ Tire Clearance - The Ace can accept the biggest possible tires that a standard brake caliper can clear. Every brand’s 25s and many 28s can fit.

Lifetime Warranty - We stand behind the quality of our bikes, but if there's ever a structural issue with your Ace as a result of manufacturing or material defect, we'll handle it for you.


“The geometry is dialed. It’s quick and snappy, but stable, which is a pretty challenging combination to engineer. I found it equally adept at darting around city corners as it was for hands free riding on crushed limestone access roads. On the pavement, it would react as directed, but wasn’t twitchy. Which is just right for group rides where you need to hold a line but still dodge the occasional kamikaze squirrel.

With aspirations of being responsive and race ready, a bike could easily sacrifice comfort for efficiency, but the Ace brings both in spades.”
— Tyler Benedict, BikeRumor.com


Sizes Available: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

Colors Available: Satin Black, Gloss White, Light Blue

Bottom Bracket: PressFit30

Seatpost: 31.6 full-carbon.

Seat Collar Clamp: 34.9 (Included)

Front Derailleur: Braze-on

Frame Weight: 900g - 1150g (XS - XXL)

Fork Weight: 370g


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